This site was created by Laura Monroe, a graduate student in the one-year Community Journalism Master’s program at the University of Alabama. The program requires each student to create a multimedia project that brings attention to a community issue, and Monroe chose to cover an issue that hits close to home.

When her grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2009, Monroe knew very little about the disease. She now understands the impact it has on the person diagnosed, as well as on those who care for them. She believes it is important for caregivers to share their stories in order to raise awareness of a disease that is so often misunderstood. It’s not a normal part of aging, and it’s definitely not someone else’s problem. It’s going to take all of us to put an end to Alz.

Monroe pictured with her sister and grandmother.

Monroe (far right) pictured with her sister and grandmother.


  • Music: McKenzie Lockhart
  • Video, photography, web content: Laura Monroe

Special thanks:

To Aubry, Dorothy, Monica, Allison, and Diana: thank you for sharing your stories. Your honesty brings an awareness to what thousands are experiencing each day, and your words have already reached many who did not understand before.

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